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New Home Builders Customize Ranch-Style Resale Profits

First-time homeowners want to make a statement with their purchase. After all, home ownership is a big step so that first step should be a loud and clear source of pride. Still, housing costs can be prohibitive for first-time owners, resulting in a purchase that doesn’t do well when they put it on the market affordable home builders.

Many factors lower resale value. One of the more common factors is buying a cookie-cutter ranch-style house. The ranch-style design is an American staple, but many of the older ranch-style houses fail to entice modern buyers because they look like so many other houses on the market. New home builders can build a custom ranch-style house that one day garners massive market appeal at a lucrative resale price. Even better, they can do this while working within any budget.

A Foundation for Success

Ranch-style houses originated in the 1920s and then popped up all over America after World War II. The straightforward layout exemplifies the American standards of strength and durability that helped the country survive the Depression and both world wars. The design takes those characteristics and infuses them with practical comfort. Ranch-style houses epitomized the new middle-class wealth with floor plans that allowed rooms to flow into each other. Back then, the cookie-cutter aspects of the style didn’t seem to matter as much as the open design, a testament to American ideals of progress uninhibited by barriers.

The Customization of Progress

Modern Americans still love that easy practicality. However, modern Americans want their ranch-style homes to be personalized rather than cookie- cutter.

Furthermore, given what Americans know now about climate change and pollution, the source of materials proves important in a way it wasn’t in past years. First-time buyers are smart to consider these factors because if they decide to put the house on the market, potential buyers might ask about materials. New home builders will go out of the way to ensure quality materials are used. They will use these quality materials to create a customized ranch-style abode that elevates practicality with a unique elegance.

Ranch-style homes can be customized in a number of ways, both inside and outside. Some of the ways to customize the interior include constructing open entryways, expansive stairs, fireplaces, stainless-steel kitchens, wood floors or bright tiles, built-in shelving, and vaulted ceilings. Outer customization includes building next to natural water, pools, screened-in porches, patios with fire pits, French doors, bay windows, and a mixture of stone and wood throughout the property.

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